Sunday, July 29, 2007

Christine: A Report

Hey, everyone, it's Christine. Colby's currently passed out on the bed (sleeping, not fainted) and he asked me to log in as him and let you all know what's up.

It's been a while since we've checked in with you guys, so we're sorry. I'm going to try and get y'all caught up.

First, as someone suggested to Colby, we went to Krogers on Sunday (a grocery store) and went back into the office to check Saturday morning's tapes. It seems like everything was fine, normal, until... at 7:07 am, there was a huge flash of light, the screen went white for a full sixty seconds, and when the light faded the people had all disappeared.

So now we know when it happened. It still doesn't really tell us why or exactly how, though.

Next, we looked up Gabriel Lawson in the phone book in one of the empty houses. We found his address and went to check it out. The back door was open, so we went inside. We had our tasers out, no need to worry.

We found his computer up and running, to some site. All we could do was edit the one page that was open, so we left him a message... maybe you saw it? We asked a question or something.

We were both really tired, so we went home and I tried to talk on AIM that night, but I wound up accidentally shutting off the laptop and I was too tired to continue.

Monday, something really odd happened. We don't know what it was, but neither one of us remembers that entire day. It's like we slept through it. Or something.

Yesterday... we spent the whole day resting and writing down a plan. It's strange... time seems to move differently here. It feels like we spent hours and hours on this, but now that I look there's not really much here. We both have had headaches ever since we arrived... so, here's what we came up with yesterday.

Tonight- send an email to the aliens asking for entrance into the alternate dimension.

Tomorrow- hopefully, find Colby in the other dimension and figure out what the hell is going on.

---> If we're not given entry, we're going to leave Unton tomorrow night.


Ok, that's about all I can think of. It's about time for Colby and I to go find some lunch. Hopefully you guys have heard something... leave us comments, and we'll try to figure out what to do next.


angribuddhist said...

Hey, you two. Of course being a fan of science fiction, two things jump out at me about Mon. and Tues.
One, the sleeping and headaches are a sign that you've been possessed. If so, it really wouldn't matter because there is no reliable way to prove it. Two, there is some sort of temporal distortion caused by the "dimensional shift" thingy. Do me a favor, I know it sounds out but, try calling Colby's house while he's laying there sleeping.

angribuddhist said...

it sounds odd* -not "out"

angribuddhist said...

The reason I'm asking is, well, look at the "date" that you posted Christine. You describe Mon., and, Tues., but it seems as if you two feel odd about the time that's gone by. Your post "date" says it's only been 24 hours since you told us what had happened on Saturday. Maybe Time is altered as well as space. Call Colby's house. See if anyone answers.

angribuddhist said...


Go back to Gabriel's house, get on his computer. Use his account and go to "Groups", then "My Groups". There should be a "private" group where him and his friend Justin/Jason are talking. This is the "secret" communication that Gabriel was trying to set up before the "dimension shift".

angribuddhist said...

Christine, Colby, check out the Prophecy os Stars update.. You have to highlight the lower hidden part.

SMooTH 1 said...

colby do the words "SECTORS IN TEA" mean anything to you? they were written at the bottom of the /windwalkers page "FIND THE (RED) SECTORS IN TEA"....BTW good to hear from you guys again, we havent given up on ya!

SMooTH 1 said...

hey im not sure if im the first to tell you this, but check the day you wrote the last post.... sunday... its now wednesday. I think you guys are caught up in the time distortion thing the windwalkers were talking about. you should check out the page Angribuddhist just told you to check out, it should explain what is happening to you. dont panic though, im sure its only temporary.

SMooTH 1 said...

wow how did i just miss that? sorry guys , Angri already told u this. sorry angri

angribuddhist said...

Right now my only, possibly lame, theory is- "Tea" is actually "T" which could stand for "Time" since Time is out of sync in your Sector.
Maybe there are different "Sectors" in Unton and you need to find where they all meet. Like a nexxus or the center of a web.
Your last blog post showed the date as Sunday so even your laptop is effected. Carry it through town and check the clock. Maybe you can triangulate or map out the "Sectors".
On Monday, is it possible that you went into a different "Sector" that was severly effected? That might explain why you don't remember it. The next day you stayed in the hotel and were effected much less.

lost said...

I was looking at the possibilities of "Sector Tea" and thought of the idea concerning an anagram. I am not sure if the answers have any relevance to anyone, so here is the link for the possibilities :

let me know if you find anything.