Sunday, July 1, 2007

What Now, Chet? (Hah)

Christine was so hot! And she was intelligent, too... I really liked hanging with her tonight.

We met for dinner at the Chez Louis in town, this faux-French place where the waiters all wear tuxes and speak in fake accents. Because it's so cheesy, one of those "theme" restaurants, if you will, it was actually kinda cheap.

She was really easy to talk to. She works at some consulting firm in town... I didn't quite catch the name. She just got out of a long relationship with a bodybuilder named Chet (strange, for her, to go from a bodybuilder to... me.) Anyway. He didn't have too much in the brains department, so she said she's glad she met me.

We left each other's company at the restaurant; nothing happened. I gave her my number though, and she gave me hers, so maybe we'll see each other again soon.

So now I'm sitting here in my dark living room, typing about the first date I've had in weeks. Fun, huh?

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