Thursday, July 19, 2007

Bunches of Updates

OK, there's a lot I have to write about.

First- There have been a whole lot of people contacting me and Christine lately to help with our... um... problem, if you will. :) That's awesome, thank you guys for being concerned. We're really thankful for your worry, and if what I'm about to say next is any indication, we're going to need you. Soon.

Second- Last night I had the same dream Christine did. Only this time there was something different about it. I stood on the field, same as always, but this time instead of walking toward the tree and up into the air, I turned around. There were the two gigantic needles, with the web stretched between them. But- here's the thing. There was something else there. At least half of the web seemed to have been... burned. There was something dark red spreading across it. And I just felt terror, like nothing I've ever sensed before.

Third- Someone emailed me and told me that there was a hidden message in the source code of this blog. I just want everyone to know, I did not put it there. When I copy/pasted that link into my browser, and I saw the feather and the tree, I just had chills all up and down my spine. It seems to me like whoever wrote that web page knows what's happening. I have to figure out who it was and get in touch with them... I HAVE to. I need to know the meaning behind "A Prophecy of Stars." Also, it really seems like there should be more to that page. Whoever it was went through the trouble of hiding all of that in my blog's HTML, and that's all I get? A teaser? It seems to me like that "Follow... the path to the stars" has something to do with it. But I have no clue where to go from there.

Fourth- Christine and I have uncovered something. If you will. But I can't tell you that now... more at a later date.

Fifth- I'm working on trying to get in touch with Chet and Gabriel. Something happened in Indiana today, I think... Someone emailed me and told me they were talking with Gabriel's friend, or something, and he just left quickly after telling them Gabriel's mother had been hurt. Christine has been trying to reach Chet on his cell ever since yesterday morning, to no avail. Also, Chet's girlfriend Angelica called her asking where Chet was... she was afraid he had gone back to Christine or something.

Sixth- In the spirit of keeping this blog like a journal, I just wanted to write about the next few days... Christine and I are going to one of them Midnight Parties to pick up the new Harry Potter book... she's SO excited. :) Also, on Saturday, after she's done reading (the woman is a SpeedReader^2, if you ask me), we're thinking about driving out to Indiana to see what's up. I'll keep in touch the next few days, letting you guys know what's happenign.


Agent: Darkness said...


I know all about you. You need to stay away from Indiana, or you won't like what you find. Go back to your cushy little life before Christine, before Erica even. Go back to the way things were, and forget about these dreams.

The world will be better off. Let those who need to, handle this.

Esteed said...

Colby, I think this guy knows his shit.

I also don't think he's one of the good guys. You should probably not listen to a word he says.

SMooTH 1 said...

Colby Esteed is right. I know you are desperate for answers right now but definately be cautious. He probably needs you alot more than you need him right now so let us know what he says and dont reveal any information about you or anyone around you.