Sunday, July 15, 2007

Another Dream

I had another dream last night. I was standing in the same field, as usual, but this time instead of flying up to see the eyeball, it came down to me.

It blinked rapidly, and then I heard a voice-

"Colby, you are missing something. We are coming... be ready."

I don't know what that means, but I need to think about it. If you have any suggestions at all, let me know... comment or email me. Or IM.


Oh, another thing. Those hang-up phone calls? They've stopped. I don't know if maybe I was missing something THERE, or if that was unrelated to the dreams...


Well, I'll be on to chat later. If I get time. I'm meeting Christine for dinner later, so don't expect me to be on for too long.


Esteed said...

Colby, hey, I heard you were a little upset with me for playing along when you first IMed me. Just trust that I really do want to help, and that by the time I realized I didn't know her, it would've been awkward to say that I didn't.

As for the dream, maybe your subconscious is trying to tell you that you're missing something in your life that would make you happy?

Scott said...

Perhaps "they" are coming because they are going to bring you what you are missing. Are you really sure you were able to possess "it" before now anyway?

Out of curiosity, did the eye strike you as animal or human?

If you get another odd phone call, most telco's have tricks for dealing with prank calls. *69 in most systems will call the last number to call you. Call an operator or your telco's service number to find out what they can do for you if you're getting abusive/prank phone calls.