Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Not A Bad Day!

I saw Christine again today. I'd almost forgotten just how beautiful she really is. She called my cell just before lunch, and we met for coffee down the street. I had a great time... she's so much fun. Did I say that before? She's really funny... she's got this whole deadpan thing that I really like.

We traded AIM screen names. (I know, how lame is that?) But now we can chat apart from on the phone. And who knows? Maybe... things will move into the next step. I mean, two dates already... you know what happens on the third one, right? On the third date I'm expected to kiss her, and according to Hitch, she'll know whether or not I'm the right one for her. So I've gotta make this good. (Yeah, it's pathetic, I know...)

I'm liking this blog thing, although no one is reading it. It's kind of like an online journal, open for the world to see, but private because no one wants to see. Blogs are more for the soul, I think, than for getting a message out.

That's just my idea, anyway.

All in all, not a bad day!

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