Wednesday, July 18, 2007

A Web Of Connections (Or Lies, Depending...)

So, here's the big news I promised everyone but was too busy with Christine last night to write. (wink, wink)


Christine and I met for breakfast yesterday morning, and she told me that she had a dream the night before.

She said she dreamt of a large spider web strung between two large needles. Like, hypodermic needles, she said. There were faces inside this web. Me, her, and many, many other people she didn't know. But at the center of the web was Chet (her ex-boyfriend) and his nephew Gabriel.

She said she woke up with the strongest sensation that she needed to find Chet and Gabriel and speak to them about my dreams, about a Prophecy of the Stars.

She believes me wholeheartedly... she said she read my blog, she thanks me for calling her hot, and I should find out what this means.

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angribuddhist said...


I'm here because someone has asked for help. It's not you though. Gabriel Lawson and his friends are in some sort of trouble and need help. His student page has a link to your site. He knows what's happening to you. You should know that his group his having "trust issues".