Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Trust Issues

Christine sent me an email today around noon, 12:30, ish. I dunno. She asked me to call someone and say the word alien, and to make my voice sound as high as I can. She said someone told her they would give her Gabriel's phone number if she could call them and say "alien."

So, of course I complied. Her email sounded really frantic. Then I hear that this person was giving her grief for it being obviously a guy that called him. She met me for lunch because she was so upset... apparently all the Alien Hunters (that's my pet name for all y'all who are so concerned) think that we're the ones you need to be watching out for?

Guys, please. We're in New Jersey. We've been drawn into this whole thing because of our dreams. The aliens haven't landed here (that we know of) and for sure they haven't taken us over.

Listen. I understand that you're probably freaked out by the alien invasion currently taking place (and from two different planets, if the stuff some of you have sent me is correct), and I totally get the need to be suspicious. But we've been nothing but upfront with you (except for Christine's "secret" which I totally regret putting in my profile. I'm sure we'll tell you when we're ready.)

People, please, back off. Christine is freaking out about going to Indiana, and now she thinks the Alien Hunters (who have been giving her a lot of mental support) are turning against us.

No hard feelings, just, in the future, let's all be honest, ok? I'm not really angry, cause I'm totally grateful for your support, but Christine's going through a really tough time and she doesn't need people putting her through tests that came from some random blog before they'll tell us anything that COULD SAVE OUR LIVES.

Thanks, and by the way, we're leaving Friday. She mentioned something about a list of info we'll need, that one of you has but doesn't want to give up... can someone please part with this info? Again, you may have blood on your hands if you don't.

((If you don't know what I'm talking about, then sorry... :P))

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SMooTH 1 said...

colby check your mail. I think I sent you everything you need to know. If you still have any questions i would be glad to answer them for you.