Saturday, July 21, 2007

A Bit Better Now

Ok, now that some time has passed, I'm a bit better... things are still swirling around my head but I'm trying not to think of them.

Instead, I have to concentrate on what's been bugging me. I looked back through the source code of the blog to see if I could find something else important, and I saw "dashes dot html." For some reason, that to me feels like the key to this whole thing. I have no clue what it means or how to use it, again, but it seems like it should be important.

Right? Or... am I way off base?


Christine is also done with Harry Potter. AAGH. Sorry. I'm done with talking about the best book I've ever read. GAH. I did it again.


This afternoon Angelica called Christine again. She said that she had heard from Chet, and that Unton had been without power for days. She said Chet's sister was in the hospital, dying from internal injuries, and that Chet would be there for a while, unable to be contacted.

So now we're stuck. The dreams have come back, for both of us now- me dreaming of the floating eye, and Christine gazing upon the web of connections drawing us all closer together. It seems ever-more important to contact Gabriel and Chet, but they're stuck in Indiana without any means of contacting anyone.

It seems like the only thing to do may be to drive out there.

What do you guys think?


me said...


Here is the link, the dashes was a clue:

Nicole said...

Sorry the above comment is from me, Nicole.

SMooTH 1 said...

Colby be careful. All isnt what it seems out there. DONT TRUST ANYONE. And dont go alone either. If you find Gabriel or his friend Michael, you should still exercise caution. We still havent been able to tell if they have been "compromised" by the landing of these aliens. Even if you see Chet, I would say to still be cautious. Him being in the hospital and the arrival of these aliens are way too coincidental. Be careful man, and good luck. We'll be here to help you any way we can.

Ps. good call on the "dashes dot html". Nicole the wiz kid picked up on it right away.

angribuddhist said...

Colby, we think that you should definately go and check out Unton, Indiana.

However, under the circumstances, we also think that you should be extremely cautious. There is no clear indication of what the situation is or who, if anyone, can be trusted.

You should take a laptop, a cell phone, and pack the car with food, clothing, blankets, and rocket lauchers. Or a flame thrower if you have one. LoL!!!

angribuddhist said...

Colby, smooth 1 has prodded this Agent Darkness into sharing some more info. You should check it out BEFORE you leave for Unton.