Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Order of the Phoenix

I saw the new Harry Potter flick today with Christine. I avoided mentioning the feather, and we had a good time.

Overall, I was pretty impressed with both the movie and Christine. She had this really cute top on... but anyway. The movie.

Dumbledore annoyed me, as always. Richard Harris... someone resurrect that guy. :) Michael Gambon needs to get that ponytail out of his beard... if he took it away, then he might be better.

But I really liked it. Really.

And now I'm really psyched for the 7th book.


I haven't had any weird dreams in the past few days, so maybe all the strangeness has left me. I'm avoiding mentioning it with Christine, and I can foresee a happy relationship between us.


I hope.

Ok, I know it's going to bug me until I find out about that feather... GRR.

Sorry, you don't want to read about this. So anyway.

Maybe I'll blog later... I can't think of anything else to say.

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Scott said...

If you really can't let the feather thing go, you should find a way to recreate the moment. Perhaps a date to the zoo, a lake, anywhere that you may be in close proximity to birds and feathers. See what happens.