Tuesday, August 14, 2007

It Has Happened

Unton has rejoined the world.

This morning we went to sleep in the Needle and woke up back in the motel room we had stayed in when we first arrived in Unton. I'm typing this using my laptop.

The longer this goes on without any word from the WindWalkers, from Joe, the more afraid we get. There is no sign of the WW anywhere in Unton.

I don't know what to do. Someone told me the Chosen has been found... Erica has realized her destiny, has realized what she has to do. But what is it she has to do? How is she going to save Unton?

Until we hear from Joe, we're not leaving.

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prphat1 said...

Hey Colby,

Have you tried using your interdimensional sn so contact the WW? If you can't have you tried contacting Erica? Maybe the WW are waiting for her to join you in Unton.